National space strategy and action plan

The Hellenic Space Center formulates the elements of the national strategy and the definition of an action plan in the domain of space.

In the framework of this responsibility, HSC collaborates with the scientific community, and the public and private sector, to define targets and fields of collaboration.


Promotion, dissemination, implementation and exploitation of the national space strategy

In the framework of its responsibility for the promotion, dissemination and exploitation of the national space strategy, the Hellenic Space Centre supports and mobilizes institutions, agencies and legal entities of both the public and the private sectors, participates in European and international organizations and collaborates with corresponding national space agencies.


Coordination and management of national space projects

The Hellenic Space Center coordinates public entities and manages national programs in all space sectors, including scientific research and technology, telecommunications, security, environment, agricultural development, etc.


The Role of H.S.C. is multiple,

Among its main responsibilities are the following,

Strengthening of the Economy

Contribution in the development & reinforcement of technology and space applications, services and facilities to benefit the national industry and research.

Inform. Support. Educate.

in all matters of Space