Educational activity of the HSC at the Primary School of Kainourio

The Hellenic Space Center accepted an invitation by the Primary School of Kainourio, Kamena Vourla, to carry out educational activities on Space Technology and Exploration. 

On Tuesday, May 30, students learned about the basic states of a virtual Mars exploration missions, and performed an exercise including building a robotic rover, conducting an experiment with soil samples, and launching a rocket. Additionally, they learned about the operation and purpose of the International Space Station and also about the origin of comets and their influence on Earth’s evolution, “cooking” a comet nucleus in the classroom. Finally, they heard the fascinating story of the Rosetta mission and built mini replicas of the spacecraft out of cardboard.
The purpose of the HSC’s educational activity was to bring children in contact with space technologies, satellite technology, spaceship structure, space exploration, etc.  

The HSC team consisted of: 

  • Moutsouroufi Konstantina (HSC President Secretariat and Governing Board Secretariat, Science Communication) 
  • Mylonas Dimitris (HSC Scientific Personnel, Space Systems)  
  • Nasi Afroditi (HSC Communications Office) 
  • Panagiotopoulos Anastasios (HSC Scientific Personnel, GNSS Applications) 
  • Farmakakis Tryfon (HSC Scientific Personnel, Space Systems) 

The HSC would like to thank the School Director, Mr P. Mourtzounis, and the Teacher’s Association of the school, as well as the Municipality of Kamena Vourla for the invitation and hospitality.