View the current job openings of HSC

As part of its staffing, Hellenic Space Center announces the opening of ten (10) positions of Special Scientific Personnel with a fixed-term employment contract, lasting three years, for the following special scientific domains:

S/NPositionCategory / SpecialtyNumber of People
1Earth ObservationSCP-Engineering or Science1
2Legal ServicesSCP-Legal1
3Satellite Communications and Integrated ApplicationsSCP-Engineering or Science1
4GNSS ApplicationsSCP-Engineering or Science1
5Space Data SystemsSCP-Engineering or Science1
6Economic Advisor/ExpertSCP-Engineering or Science1
7Space Sciences and Space ExplorationSCP-Engineering or Science1
8Space SystemsSCP-Engineering or Science3

Candidates are kindly requested to submit the following to

  1. Filled Application Form in .pdf or .docx (per position)
  2. CV
  3. Motivational Letter

according to the instructions and rules described in the relevant Proclamation.

Deadline: Monday, 29th March 2021.