Call for the provision of information on Greek participation in space missions or other activities of the European Space Agency 

During the recent visit of Prof. Mundell, the Director of Science at the European Space Agency (ESA), to the Hellenic Space Center (HSC), discussions arose regarding the enhancement of Greek involvement in ESA space missions. 

The most suitable avenue for supporting Greece in this endeavour is through the PRODEX program, which is an optional programme of the ESA Science Directorate. While PRODEX has been utilized in the past, its adoption has been limited, partly due to the relatively modest investment and, presumably, the modest interest within the community. 

Alternatively, some participations may be supported more effectively through other programmes such as, e.g., GSTP. 

In preparation for the upcoming ESA Ministerial Council, where member states determine their contributions to various optional programs, the Hellenic Space Center will embark on an extensive assessment, aiming to map mission involvement, project experience, and the competence of Greek teams. 

To facilitate this process, teams engaged in current, forthcoming or proposed ESA space missions/activities are hereby invited to furnish the following information to the Hellenic Space Center: 

  • Mission Name 
  • Objectives of the Mission (short description) 
  • Type and Extent of Involvement 
  • Team Composition (in numbers, e.g., X faculty members/permanent researchers, Y postdocs, Z PhD students) 
  • Collaboration/Synergy with other Greek teams (please mention collaborating team(s) details and briefly describe the competence of all teams) 
  • (Optional) Programme deemed appropriate for the support of the activity (in case you are aware) 

Providing this information will assist the HSC in building a compelling case for an increased budget allocation for the PRODEX programme and/or other appropriate optional programmes. Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated. 

Please send this information to the HSC Officer Dr. Anezina Solomonidou ( before the end of February.  

Additionally, please let us know of any existing contacts and/or collaborations with US or European teams pertaining to aspects of the Artemis programme (e.g., Gateway).