About the HSC

Hellenic Space Center

The Hellenic Space Center (HSC) is the Greek Space Agency. It is supervised by the Ministry of Digital Governance and was founded in 2019 as a non-profit governmental entity. It organizes and participates in several space-related initiatives and activities. Click here to view the Greek Government Gazette with the HSC founding law (in Greek).

Purposes of the HSC

The main purposes and objectives of the HSC are the following:

  • The development of a dynamically-rolling action plan for the National Space Strategy, in collaboration with the Academic and Research communities, as well as the public and private Sectors.

  • The cooperation, coordination, support and mobilization of public and private sector bodies, services, and legal entities, for the promotion, dissemination and exploitation of Greece’s Space Strategy, as well as the participation in European and international organizations and groups that are active in domains and programmes related to Space.

  • The promotion and the participation, as a coordinator of public bodies, in projects and programmes, as well as the management of national programmes and projects in various sectors of Space, such as scientific research, Space Exploration with focus on Solar System and Space missions, related technologies, the environment, rural development, transportation etc.

  • The participation in European and international organizations, initiatives, fora and activities on issues related to Space, the coordination of national representatives in the Space Sector, the development of European and international partnerships, the exchange and synthesis of knowledge, the innovation and actions to maximize Greece’s stakeholder engagement in the designing of programs to cover national, scientific, operational and developmental needs in which Space plays a key role.

  • The contribution to the development and reinforcement of technology and Space applications, services and terrestrial infrastructures, for the benefit of the domestic industry and research, as well as the support in the design and operation of satellites, satellite systems, materials and equipment, including remote sensing activities, through the national participation in international and European organizations and programmes, as well as in any kind of restitutions that the country is entitled to.

  • The collaboration with relevant bodies and services for the continuous education and training of students, young researchers and the general public in thematic areas related to Space, as well as the design of and participation in actions promoting the understanding of Space activities and applications.

  • The provision of assistance to the Greek State in the areas of satellites and space, as well as the provision of consulting and elaborating studies to the Ministry of Digital Governance, with regard to a variety of Space-related areas.